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              An organic acid-complexed minors package designed for foliar and soil applications on turf and ornamentals. Designed to rapidly correct and prevent nutritional deficiencies and to enhance green-up.

              • Iron (Fe 3%): The most commonly deficient nutrient in turf. Involved in chlorophyll synthesis and enzymes critical to the respiration system of plants.
              • Manganese (Mn 1%): Required for chlorophyll synthesis and is a cofactor in many enzyme systems within the plant.
              • Magnesium (Mg 0.25%): A constituent of chlorophyll, enables the translocation of phosphorous, and as a cofactor in many enzyme systems.
              • Boron (B 0.02%): Affects calcium utilization, cell wall strength, cell division, sugar transport and hormone development.

              Product Benefits

              • Economical
              • Contains the proper minor nutrients for turf and green color response
              • Complexed with amino acids for rapid uptake
              • Tank mix compatible

                **Please refer to label for instructions on use rates and sites the product may be used.**

                Active Ingredient


                Magnesium 0.25%

                Boron 0.02%

                Iron 3.0%

                Manganese 1.0%

                Zinc 0.8%

                Manufacturer Prime Source, LLC
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