Roundup QuikPro herbicide provides the performance you expect from Roundup products and fast, visible results within 48 hours.  Roundup QuikPro has what it takes to quickly satisfy the toughest customer.

  • Controls most weeds, from the leaf to the root, in one application
  • Rainfast in one hour
  • Dry formulation is easy to handle, easy to clean up
  • Forms a true solution that won't clog nozzles
  • Convenient measuring cup spout makes it easy to measure and mix
  • English and Spanish dual label

            Labeled use sites include:

            • Golf courses – along cart paths, around sign and light posts, and around sand traps
            • Landscape areas -around individual trees and shrubs, landscape beds, foundations, fences, driveways,
              paths, and parking areas
            • Roadsides, fence rows
            • Utility rights-of-way
            • Railways
            • Schools, educational facilities
            • Industrial areas

                **Please refer to label for instructions on use rates and sites the product may be used.**


                Active Ingredient

                Glyphosate 73.3%

                Diquat 2.9%

                Manufacturer Bayer CropScience
                Label Roundup QuikPro Label
                Roundup QuikPro SDS
                Not for sale to: N/A